Production of insulators Lviv Insulator Company performed on automated production lines that allow the shutter to ensure high technical parameters, the implementation of continuous quality control. The work of the "LIC" guided development research institutes of Lviv, Kyiv, Slavic, taking into account new science and technology in the fields of materials science and energy.
Much attention is paid to product certification, which runs periodic tests in the certification centers, laboratories, institutes not only domestic but also overseas.
Fixed-sdatochnye transceiver product testing conducted in laboratories certified by State Standard of Ukraine. Qualifying typical, periodic testing of all products made in the laboratories of the Research Institute of Slavic high voltage, which is certified by ISO to conduct these tests.
In June 2003 LLC "Lviv Insulator Company" received the international quality certificate ISO 9001/2000. The system of international certification ensures constant product quality. To obtain a certificate as enhanced the competitiveness of products, reputation on the national and international markets.