HV glass suspension insulator of U125BP type

Technical Specifications
Insulator type IEC U125BP
Minimum mechanical failing load kN 125
Minimum mechanical residual strength kN 100
Diameter of the insulating part, D mm 280
Spacing, H mm 140
Nominal creepage distance mm 445
Ball and socket coupling, d (IEC 60120) mm 20
Puncture voltage in insulating medium kV 130
50 Hz withstand voltage (dry) kV 82
50 Hz withstand voltage (wet) kV 50
Dry lightning impulse withstand voltage 1.2/50 (+/-) kV 125/125
Radio interference voltage at 0.5 MHz dB 60
kV 20
dB 86
kV 25
Weight kg 5.86
All technical requirements and testing are in accordance with IEC standards.